The City of Gretna is currently creating a comprehensive plan, a document that will guide the City’s development over the next twenty years.

A comprehensive plan is a document that is created in a collaboration of citizens, planners and city leaders to guide local government and the citizens in how to develop the community over next twenty years. 
The comprehensive plan will cover a broad variety of realms, including
• Land Use
• Economic Development
• Transportation & Infrastructure
• Natural Resources & Recreation
• Housing
• Community Design

The planners working on the plan first collect data, gather relevant information, talk to town- and community leaders, citizens and businesses owners and hold public meetings with active citizen participation to get a comprehensive picture on the existing conditions, assets and opportunities, as well as challenges and needs of the City. Next step is to analyze collected information and develop a vision and short- and long term goals. Once goals and vision are defined the planners develop recommendations for the implementation of the plan. One important tool for the realization of the goals will be the establishment of land use and zoning regulations for the City of Gretna.

A critical part for the development of a strong comprehensive plan is an active community participation during the planning process. Citizens, community and neighborhood groups are encouraged to take part in public workshops and surveys, follow the process on social media and the website, share their ideas as well as their needs and interact with planners, town leaders and each other. There will be plenty of opportunity during the planning process for the public to engage. 

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